Connecting BSNL Employees / Subscribers 4 Growth of BSNL: Short calls from BSNL CDMA to get costlier from May 1

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Short calls from BSNL CDMA to get costlier from May 1

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Come May 1, short-duration calls being made from the BSNL's CDMA to other CDMA connections of the same company will become a bit costlier. As per the existing call rates, the state-run telco charges 25 paise per minute. However, under the new scheme, the company will be charging one paisa per two minutes, which will result in 30 paise per minute, thus making call charges costlier by 5 paise per minute.

However, when contacted by ToI, GC Pandey, senior general manager, BSNL Indore, defended the move saying that the two schemes were meant for different types of customers. "If you are making short-duration calls, then you should go for the '1 paise per two second plan'. Again, in case you are habitual of making long-duration calls, then it is advisable to go for 25 paise per minute call plan," said Pandey. The BSNL has kicked off a host of freebees to its subscribers. The free SMS and data usage have been doubled. Now it will be offering 100 minute free video call facility from now on. Again, the Rs 400 plan for 4G users will now be available at Rs 300.

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