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What do you mean by UPC (Unique Porting Code) in MNP process

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What do you mean by UPC (Unique Porting Code) in MNP process

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) came into effect all over India on the 20th of January, 2010. With MNP, you can easily switch between Service providers of your choice. Firstly, to initiate the MNP process, you need to get what is called a UPC (Unique Porting code). The following section gives you the details of what a UPC is and how to obtain it.
The UPC code consists of 8 characters of which the first character specifies the code for the service provider and the second digit specifies the code for the respective Service provider Area. For example, if the first two characters of the UPC is AX, then the first character specifies that the service provider isBharti Airtel and the second character specifies that the service provider area is Karnataka. The remaining six characters will be occupied by any number from 1-9, any alphabet from A-N and P-Z only and small letters and the alphabet O will never be a part of the UPC.
To obtain the UPC for initiating the MNP process, you should just send a SMS, PORT (Mobile number) to 1900. After you send the SMS, you will receive your UPC from the number 1901.
Importantwhen you request for the UPC, the SMS should be sent as PORT followed by a single space and then followed by your 10 digit mobile number.
The following table depicts a list of Service provider codes that represents the first digit in UPC
Service ProviderCode
Bharti AirtelA
Idea CellularI
Reliance TelecomE
Reliance CommunicationsR
S TelS
Loop MobileL
Datacom SolutionsC
HFCL InfotelH
Etisalat DB Telecom (Cheers Mobile)W
The following table depicts the Service Area codes that represent the second digit in UPC
Service provider AreaCode
Andhra PradeshA
Himachal PradeshI
Jammu and KashmirJ
Madhya PradeshY
North EastN
Tamil NaduT
Uttar Pradesh (East)E
Uttar Pradesh (West)W
West BengalV
NOTE: Once you receive the UPC, it will be valid only for a duration of 15 days starting from the day the request was sent (this is not true in the case of service provider areas like Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North east because they are the licensed areas and the UPC here would be valid for a duration of 30 days starting from the day the request was sent).
In case, if the 10 digit mobile number does not match with the Subscriber’s caller line identification, UPC will not be sent or allocated but the customer will receive a message stating that the Caller line Identification does not match with your ten digit mobile number

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