Connecting BSNL Employees / Subscribers 4 Growth of BSNL: How to Convert BSNL into A World Class Organisation (PART-1)

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How to Convert BSNL into A World Class Organisation (PART-1)

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There are many things to do. But before we do big things, we must do a lot of basic things which will be the foundation upon which we can do further innovative things.

The most important thing to do is to study, understand, analyze and then re-design our internal processes, i.e. what we do and how we do it.

[A]   We should:

1.      Avoid unnecessary steps in doing the work;
2.      Abolish redundant Govt., Departmental rules (various CCS Rules, P&T FHBs and P&T Manuals);
3.      We must frame new policy, rules and procedures.
4.      Incorporate into the way of work measures of internal check, internal control procedure; to speak simply, checks & balances.
5.      Adopt the best practices (we may learn it from management consultancy farms);
6.      Keep the basic records, paper or electronic,  in a manner that helps in future;
7.      Automate all processes. Computerize the works, data & records. Integrate/coordinate the work/processes done by different persons in different sections, units & functional areas; in other words integrate the whole enterprise.
[B]   The following points should be the guiding principles.

1.      It should make the internal systems efficient, effective and cost-effective.
2.      It should be simple as far as possible. If simple not possible, then, make it as less complex as possible.
3.      Our internal process may be complex, if needed; but make it simple for the customers/business partners.
4.      Equitable work distribution among employees.
5.      No duplication of work. Work Smart, not hard.
6.      It should be mistake-proof, fraud-proof.
7.      Bind all works/processes in the thread of information technology.
[C]   Our strategy to refine and rationalize the systems/sub-systems/processes should be visualized as shown in the Table-1 below.

[D]   Keys to the table:

It should be and/or
It can be and/or
It requires time
     in the range of 
Immediate to 1 year.
1 year to 2 years.
2 years to 4 years.
Very Less Money        
Steps that require NO money or money less than Rs.100, 000/-, for whole BSNL.
Some Amount of Money
Steps that require money of Rs.1 lakh to 10 lakh, for whole BSNL.
Huge Amount of Money
Steps that require money of Rs.10 lakh to 100 lakh, for whole BSNL.
Administration & HRD
It covers:
General Office Administration [Vigilance(CVO), CIO-RTI, etc]
Policy on Employees’ Remuneration, Recruitment, Training, Welfare,
Administrative Inspection,
Compliance to Law/Regulations etc, [DoT, TRAI, MCA etc]
Public/Corporate Citizenship Image,
Internal Control, Internal Audit,
Management Audit.
It covers:
Creation & maintenance of Indoor/outdoor telecom networks, Exchanges, Technical & Engg. Matters.
Accounts & Finance
It covers:
Employees Remuneration;
Management of Accounts Receivable;
Management of Accounts Payable;
Revenue Management;
Cash Management & Expenditure Control;
Financial Accounting; Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Management;
Internal Audit,
Tax & Company Law Compliance.
It covers:
Sales, Distribution, Customer Care, Advertisement, Market Research, Pricing of services & products.

[E]   TABLE - 1


Very Less Money
Some Amount of  Money
Huge Amount of Money
Very Less Money
Some Amount of  Money
Huge Amount of Money
Very Less Money
Some Amount of  Money
Huge Amount of Money
Field Units/ SSAs
Administration & HRD


Accounts & Finance


State/Circle Office
Administration & HRD


Accounts & Finance


Corporate Office
Administration & HRD


Accounts & Finance


[F]   I have not attempted here to give a list of things to be done under various categories. You can find out for yourself many examples, areas of work in your own or even in other’s area of work, if U really understands the things I want to say here. Naturally, we must do at once all A-1 things and get ready for A-9 things.

[G]   Some examples of things to do:

1.   [A1-B10]:     
(i) Let’s make a policy that any BSNL employee completing the Diploma in Management from IGNOU shall get fee reimbursement plus an incentive of Rs.3000/-.

Huge amounts will be saved –TA, DA, absence from work, training expenses etc.
Other benefits are – Quality study material; real understanding by self-study; reduced load on training centres; use of in-house training facility for only those aspects which can be imparted only by BSNL; and so on…

(ii) It is not enough to just keep in intranet site a compendium of guidelines on BSNL-MRS. Accounts& Finance executives may read the original guidelines and update themselves on all subsequent changes and keep track of changes & details. But others need to have it precise and ready.

Let’s incorporate all changes, additions, deletions in the original policy itself with links to track trails & details. This approach should be adopted for all rules, instructions & guidelines.  

2.   [A1-B12]:   Let’s keep a data base of Account Codes in intranet site, promptly updated when any Account Code is added or deleted; with guidelines for operation of A/c Codes. Intimation of new A/C Codes through letters may be continued. Let’s not depend on Union to publish a book on A/C codes.

3.   [A1-B13]:   You know the design of the Indian Railways reservation ticket is uniform. We can also do the same. Uniform bills and uniform bill payment receipt. What’s the advantage? Answer – Brand Image of BSNL.

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