Connecting BSNL Employees / Subscribers 4 Growth of BSNL: Why Join BSNL

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Why Join BSNL

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Dear all BSNL Friends, We are here to bring all BSNL employees on single plateform irrespective of cadres.  All we are committed to provide our best effort for providing Telecom services to all subscribers. In last few month & after launching of MNP , we have observed that more peoples are coming in to BSNL. All these subscribers are welcomed & highly satisfied with BSNL services as compared to their previous operators. Now our efforts should be to bring more subscribers in to BSNL by providing sufficient awareness about the services.

If all we want to get success in our professional as well as personal life , there are 3 D’s:
1. Determination 2. Dedication 3. Disciplined Routine
With keeping in mind 3 T’s : Things Take Time
But we don’t have so much time in this competive market. We have to get alert & needed to take action to increase market share of BSNL. We are required to work beyond our responsibility. For this following steps required to be initiated by each & every employee irrespective of cadre:
1.  be up to date about all BSNL services , so that we can convey subscribers properly.
2.  Each subscriber is very important , fight for them till his issue resolved.
3. Helping to subscribers by providing Guidance to them for availing bsnl services.
4.  promotion of bsnl services among our friend circle / family / relatives & motivate to them for using BSNL services.
5. Always be alert & confident . Expected to Treat each subscribers friendly.
There many other points which all be know but required it to in effect right from this moment.
Following will be the impact of this on our professional career:
1. BSNL revenues will grow results will enjoy more facility.
2. There will not be any need of any unions  as all ongoing issue will get automaticall resolved.
3. one bsnl revenue grow PLI/All india LTC & other suspended facility will automatically restored.
Dear all friends , come & Join this common BSNL plate form  n make contribution in BSNL growth by providing our combined efforts , valuable comments & suggestions.