Connecting BSNL Employees / Subscribers 4 Growth of BSNL: Bandh Against BSNL in Kargil was a success, 6000 SIM Cards Collected

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Bandh Against BSNL in Kargil was a success, 6000 SIM Cards Collected

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All the shops and establishments remained closed on the Bandh call against BSNLs poor Service, roads seems to be barren and there were no traffic on the roads.
From 18th of May a SIM Collection and Signature Campaign was started in Kargil by a group of volunteer youths to agitate against the poor service of BSNL and wastage of money of the people. The Campaign concluded with a protest rally, starting from Nishat Restaurant and passing through Islamia School Chowk and returning back o Nishat Restaurant in which thousand of people participated with play-cards and chanting slogans against BSNLs Poor Service. According to the group leader Mr Khurshid people dumped more than 6000 BSNL SIM cards with them as a mark of protest and termed the Campaign a success.

Responding to the Signature Campaign the Administration called a meeting of BSNL authority and during which it was announced that three additional Mobile Towers had been sanctioned. But according to source during a meeting at leh a month ago BSNL has already sanctioned ten Mobile towers for Kargil, three for Kargil town, three for Drass town and four others for different other places.

Khurshid further added that the group had a meeting with Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on 23rd of May when he visited Kargil and made him aware about the difficulties faced by the people of Kargil due to BSNLs false promises and poor service. Mr Chidamabaram termed the demand as genuine and assured the group for adequate action.

On 24th of May the TDM BSNL Ladakh specially reached Kargil and had a meeting with the Group of youths and according to Khurshid the TDM refused to have a meeting with them in front of Media. The TDM along with the group of youths visited a site at Baroo and approved the site near Circuit House Baroo for installation of Mobile Tower and completed all formalities on the spot.

BSNL is the only service provider in Kargil for Mobile and Telephone network but due to its monopoly the company is not providing good service to the customers and there remains one or another fault in the service.

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