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Advantage private operator post cell No. portability

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Network problem, connectivity and customer service-related issues and high tariff have been found to be reasons for the cell phone users switching over to service providers of their choice in the state. The basic fact that one can change one's service provider without changing one's cell phone number has acted like a booster for increase in number of mobile number portability (MNP).

The nationwide figure available as of now indicates that BSNL and a host of other telecom operators are losers on the front of mobile number portability (MNP). The state-owned telecom operator could score --18,947 mark during the fourth quarter of the last fiscal ending on March 31 this year. Some service providers include Tata GSM (-317,264), Tata CDMA (-199623), Reliance GSM (-811241) and Reliance CDMA (-272585) as per the national porting house.
Commenting on the BSNL bad performance, VK Bhalla, a telecom expert, said the fact that it is a state-owned service provider does not act as pull before customers who have choices before them now. Other networks are doing aggressive marketing by tying up with Blackberry and IPhone companies, the BSNL can't even think of it, Bhalla said.
When contacted, GC Pandey, senior general manager, BSNL Indore, said we are getting more and more high-end customers in post-paid format as port-in because of our transparent services. We are observing port out in case of some of the low-end pre-paid customers, who have got habituated to double SIM cellphone and like changing their service providers.
Keeping in view the port-in which took place during January 2011 and March, 2012, the latest figure available says that the Airtel has been the biggest gainer with 88,22,087 users switching to the Airtel. It is followed by Vodafone (88,00,979) and Idea (77,35,584), a source said.
K Srinivas, president, consumer business, Bharti Airtel, said we are delighted that thousands of mobile customers across the country have used MNP to join Airtel. Airtel provides the largest network across 2G and 3G and is the first choice for most customers in India, Srinivas claimed.
In certain cases, the customers have complained that their port-in requests were rejected by the service providers. However, Sudhir Gupta, principal advisor (MS), TRAI, puts it differently. He says the major reasons for rejections include incorrect unique porting code submitted by subscribers in the porting form, non-completion of 90 days from the date of activation of mobile number, existing contractual obligation and non-payment of outstanding bill.

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