Connecting BSNL Employees / Subscribers 4 Growth of BSNL: HR policies of BSNL and its implementation

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HR policies of BSNL and its implementation

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Dear Readers,
Please tell me what to do with BSNL to save it from sinking. Mr. Sampitroda has given some solutions to turnaround BSNL and MTNL. He suggests that one third of Excess employees have to be ousted by VRS or CRS. Here the problem is all those who go on VRS/CRS should be some lump sum amount from BSNL's

resource. As the company is in financial crisis, it is not possible to spend a huge amount on VRS/CRS.
Please give a comprehensive solution to improve BSNL's performance.


  1. I suppose Sam Pitroda n committee has already tabled a detail report on this (since long) to ministry of communication & BSNL Board which is not only limited to VRS/CRS pattern but focussing more on revenue enhancement, expansion in rural markets and emphasising more on broadband and data products. I feel so its not at all a matter of HR policies rather lack of business accumen and competency in management.

  2. Dear sir,
    I am also a central Government employee(Department of posts, which was earlier with the telecom dept.. as P &T department). I have the opportunity to watch the performance of the BSNL. My feeling still the governmental system of management is there, as far as HR is concerned. Performance of the staff is at very low level and the decision making process is still of age old pattern. Most of the administrative energy is spent on staff matters and the customers get much less than the due attention.

    Unless customer orientation takes the driver's seat and HR practices are kept in tune with those of the competitors, it would be very difficult for a turn around.


  3. Dear Readers,
    In BSNL, there is no control over non-executives (in the level of Group C and Group D employees) as they are directed and backed by trade unions. That is why BSNL could not achieve its objectives - customer satisfaction and profit maximization. Top executives pamper the trade unions for reasons unknown and are unable to extract work from the so called non-executives.
    Please give solution to resolve this problem of lack of control over non-executives and inability to achieve its objectives.

  4. Dear Readers,
    Even though Employees are well paid, job guaranteed, well placed and treated fairly, BSNL is not able to achieve its determined objectives. Why? Is there is any flaw in HR policies? Please comment. The solution may help to revive and turnaround BSNL.

  5. Dear sir,
    vigilance and disciplinary matters have been totally ignored and the arm-twisting activities of unions are on the increase. Unless the basics are followed and disciplinary mechanism is strengthened.. the non executive staff can not be put on line, given the job guarantee they have.. How many officials have been proceeded against for major offences and minor offinces in each SSA? Probably they are few and far between. Isn't it?

  6. Dear sir
    up to my knowledge there is a lots and lots of assets owned by bsnl and mtnl it is better to sell few assets and settle the vrs amount to staff else if u delay to tak the right decision within few years you may have to sell the assets to give salaries to employees so its better to give vrs or crs as soon as possible